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Your 24H light window

Are you ready for a new lightning experience?
LED Window is an innovative device that simulates natural light in your studio, and can be moved wherever you want. Our goal is to provide a reliable equipment that will help you to achieve a perfect and constant light for your photograpy sessions.

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"Our work has always been using natural light as the main source of light. However, the lack of it in some days ends up bringing us a certain difficulty. LED Window PRO has come to resolve these “cloudy” days giving an incredible end result, very similar to natural light. In addition to being a high quality and tasteful equipment that also adds value to our studio. Today is a very popular tool for everyone on the Vicentini team. Congratulations to SmartBind Solutions for this amazing tool, LED Window PRO."

Cris Paiva Fotografia

Cris Paiva

"I already use LED Window PRO in all my photo sessions, and today I can no longer work without it. Its light is wonderful, constant, and greatly facilitates the treatment of images. The result is great, I can do backlight and silhouettes perfectly, any time of the day or night!"

Nathalia Monte.png

Nathalia Monte

"The LED Window was the best choice I made when I decided to set up my studio. When I bought it, I didn't think I would like it so much. It gives me the versatility to photograph newborns, babies and pregnant women at any time of the day. In addition, it raised the quality of my photography, gives me a sharpness I didn't have when using natural light and standardized the tone of my photos."

Jana Rocha Fotografia

Jana Rocha

"When I bought my Led Window Pro, I couldn't imagine how perfect it was, it started with the box. When I opened it, I came across a detailed and super explanatory assembling manual, and I saw that even I who never understand manuals were understanding perfectly. The silent wheels make it easy to handle, and the light is amazing, it's really worth the investment."

Full Spectrum LED Technology

The secret of this beautiful and soft light that LED Window emits is the CRI 98 LEDs we use in the product. Color Reproduction Index, known as CRI or Ra, is the measure of correspondence between an object's actual color and its appearance in front of a light source, where “100” is the most perfect light and is referenced by the sunlight.

With LED Window, skin tones, hair, clothes and scenery are reproduced with high color fidelity. Your photos will look amazing!

Real examples of usage

Silhouettes and backlight

The LED Window PRO is 79 inches wide by 83 inches high (in meters: 2 mt wide by 2.10 mt high). With it, you can work with your models in front of the curtain and produce beautiful backlit effects, silhouettes and family photos.

It has luminosity control, which regulates the light from the top and bottom of the panel from 0 to 100%, and its curtains can be opened to expose the reflector, resulting in a harder and more powerful light.


This all makes the LED Window an extremely versatile device, where you are free to create shadows, light effects, and whatever else your imagination says!

Making of com Led Window PRO
Making of com Led Window PRO
Making of com Led Window PRO
Making of com Led Window PRO
Making of com Led Window PRO
Making of com Led Window PRO

Light and safe structure

Our LED windows are designed with a focus on safety. The structure is beautiful, light and safe. It has no sharp corners, it was designed for studios that serve families and babies. We are ABFRN partners (Brazilian Association of Newborn Photographers).

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Frequent Questions

1. What means CRI?

A. CRI, or Color Reproduction Index, is a quantitative measure that defines the accuracy with which colors are reproduced under the illumination of an LED lamp, having as a parameter the sunlight, where the CRI is 100%. LED Window faithfully reproduces color as it uses state-of-the-art LEDs with CRI 98.

2. Will the LED points appear in the photo, translucents through the curtain?

A. No. The LED Window Curtain has a combination of layers that completely dissipates the LED spots, so they will not appear in the photo. This way you can work beautiful silhouette photos in front of the panel.


3. Is the product safe?

A. Yes. The structure of LED Window has been designed with special attention to safety, offering perfect stability. It's light yet firm, but does not topple over. The outer parts have no "sharp" edges or corners. The voltage of the LEDs is 12 volts, so there is no risk of electric shock if touched.


4. Can the LED Window be disassembled if I need to move my studio to another location?


A. Yes. You can disassemble and assemble the product as many times as you like, without risk of the couplings getting worn out. The structure of the LED Window is metal, and very durable.


5. What happens if an LED strip goes out?


A. We provide all support and supplies such as replacement LED strips, power supplies, etc. to keep your LED Window running in perfect health for a long time.


6. Do I need specialized service if I have a problem after warranty?


A. No. We designed the product to be extremely simple to maintain. Therefore, any qualified electrical technician can perform maintenance, replacement of parts, etc. In addition, we will be here to assist you always before, during and after your product warranty.


7. Does the product make noise?


A. The 12v has two cooling fans, which emit a slight noise, similar to a desktop computer (only 21 decibels).


8. Do the LEDs heat up?


A. Yes, just inside the reflector where they are sticky. However, even if touched, they will not cause burns. However, like any electronic product, we recommend that children be monitored when near the product. 

9. What is the color temperature of the LEDs?

A. The LEDs have a temperature of 4000k (neutral white).


10. Is the product waterproof or weatherproof?


A. No. The product should only be used indoors and without contact with water.


11. Does the LED Window make noise when moved around the studio?


A. No. The caster system we use is high quality, on gel wheels, and totally quiet when moving.


12. Can I make product modifications, for example, add more LED strips?


A. We do not recommend as the power source is sized and configured specifically for the LED footage on the product.

13. Do you deliver?

A. Yes, we are currently delivering to many countries. However, please get in touch with us to confirm.

14. What versions of LED Window are available?

  • LED Window PRO: 2,17 mt height x 2,00 mt de widht

  • LED Window UP!: 2,10 mt height x 2,00 mt de widht

  • LED Window FIT: 2,17 height x 1,00 mt de widht

  • LED Window MOB/MOB-X: portable version, 2,17 mt height (maximum) x 1,28 mt widht

15. Is the product bivolt?

A. Yes, manual bivolt (110v / 220v toggle switch) for PRO and FIT versions, and automatic bivolt for MOB version.

16. Is the product warranted?

A. Yes, we offer 6 months warranty.

17. Has brightness control?

A. Yes. It has independent control of the brightness of the top and bottom of the window, resulting in an incredible mastery of light and limitless creativity for your photos!


18. How can I get in touch with SmartBind support?

A. You can contact us by e-mail, phone/whatsapp (+55 11 97497-3560), Instagram direct or Facebook messages (link below).

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